Spectacles and Movies, they come in all sizes and forms. Often times, they are used to add a dimension to a certain character. They symbolise intelligence, or the complete opposite. Some are worn better than others, which made us think, who are the most iconic wearers of the white screen? Here’s our top 10

Number 10


Fogell (Superbad)

In the movie Superbad (2007), actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse portraits the role of Fogell. Beter known as just McLovin, is one of the key characters of the movie and develops from a dull, strange and nerdy boy into a reckless man during the movie. Certainly one of the most iconic characters of recent years.

Number 9


Dr. Egon Spengler (Ghostbusters)

Dr Egon Sprengler is one of three parapsychological doktors of the series Ghostbusters. He is the genius of the team and the inventor of most of the weaponry that they use. With a lack of socials skills, however, talking is not his strong suit. In turn, he mostly lets the others do the talking.

Number 8


Malcolm X (Malcolm X)

Actor Denzel Washington does an incredible job portraiying the much loved Malcolm X, and can rightfully be called an iconic display. Washington received multiple awards for his role in the movie and even got an Oscar nomination in the catergory Best Male Actor in 1993.

Number 7


Jim’s Dad (American Pie)

Another classic movie, and one that has passed through multiple generations, American Pie features a bunch of iconic roles; Jim, Finch and Stiffler are all notewhorthy. None of them though are as iconic as the role that Eugene Levy portaits; the role of Jim’s dad. This nameless character has to watch with sorrowfull eyes how his son gets into the most ridiculous situations.

Number 6


Mikael Blomkvist (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo)

Daniel Craig had to beat the likes of Greorge Clooney and Brad Pitt to acquire the role of Swedish Magazine owner Mikael Blomkvist in the film adaption of the best-seller Millenium series of Stieg Larsson. Save to say he played the character refined and with finesse. He even took classes in Swedish to refine he accent.

Number 5


Velma (Scooby Doo 2)

Another true classic, Scooby Doo can not be left of a list like this. The one character with spectacles is of course Velma. She is the genius of the group, but she lacks the socials skills to properly express herself most of the time. The character will even get her own show on HBO Max in the near future, called Velma.

Number 4


Peter Parker (Spiderman)

Peter Parker is an introvert character who sits on his room most of the time. One day, that all changes when he is bitten by a radio-active spider during an exhibit. When tragedy strikes in his direct surroundings he realises that his superpowers come at a price. From there on out, he will be known as Spider-Man.

Number 3


Pola Debevoise (How to Marry a Millionaire)

A list like this is of course incomplete without the inclusion of the most iconic person of a generation, Marilyn Monroe. She portrayed the role of bespectacled Pola Debevoise, one of the three main characters of the movie. Pola doesn’t like to wear her glasses when encompanied by men, until she finds her prince on the white horse.

Number 2


Clark Kent (Superman)

Clark Kent, reporter and journalist for the Daily Planet, better known as The Superman. As a reporter, Kent lives a secret life and seems to be a very introvert person. However, when duty calls, he turns into a raging pack of muscles who rips off his shirts for dramatic effect. Rightfully coming in at number 2, because who doesn’t know The Superman.

Number 1


Harry Potter (Harry Potter)

Was there ever any doubt about which character would be one the top spot? Of course it has to be Harry Potter. With eight movie appearances and a whole list of awards, there is definitely no more iconic bespectacled character than young Harry. The movies have defined a whole generation and have shown the transformation of Daniel Radcliffe from a young boy to the man he is today.