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What would be more fun than being able to decide on the looks if a new pair of glasses together with your customer?

We believe that the strongest brand in a store is your own brand. After all, customers come to your shop primarily for your craftsmanship and personal attention.

That is why Sfered launched Frame&I, a fully customizable frame collection that can be branded with your own logo. A unique calling card for your shop and an innovative way to show your craftsmanship.

With Frame&I you decide on the looks of a new pair of glasses with the help of Frametric software. Each frame can be customized to suit your customers wishes and tastes, and has endless options in terms of material, color, thickness and finish.

The Frametric software always ensures the right fit and even allows you to customise the model of the glasses

Each frame is ‘made-to-order’ and is produced individually. This minimises stock risks and lets you contribute to a better environment, because this production method makes large purchases unnecessary and mass production redundant.

The Frame&I collection includes, besides 3d printed glasses, a collection in acetate, which is produced in a traditional way by Caarls Eyewear in Netherlands. Make a conscious decision and create unique glasses together with your clients every time with Frame&I.

Discover the complete collection of Frame&I

Would you like to know more about spectacle frame personalisation or would you like a demonstration in your shop without obligations? Fill in your details and we will be in touch as soon as possible!


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